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    2016 Videos    Clinic on the phrase to open video.

 Transitions  Think New  Would Job listen to Us    Keeping a Godly perspective
  When Life Isn't Fair   When Life Isn't Fair Part ll   They Come and Go, Some Stay
  So You Want to be Like Jesus 
Down to Earth   The fog  A Reveille Attitude
  All Kinds of Hope   Good Friday Service March 25th  All Kinds of Hope Pt ll
  Thatís Effective   Singing  Is This A Sign From God  You Can Do This
  Dynamic Duo  There is Power     Packing the Parachute    A Great Test and Joy
  Wrestling  What Would Moses Say to Us  Underdog David   This IS a Laughing Matter
  Turnarounds   Expectations  This is a Laughing Matter   Question for Jonah and for Us
   Oh Great Moments
  Developing a Daring Faith Pleasing God   The Youth Discount   The Youth Discount Part II   Don't Eat the Cake  Don't Eat the Cake Part II   Comes Awfully Fast   Comes Awfully Fast II    What Do I Need to Hear 
A Healing Perspective  Catch & Release, Part I'   Catch & Release Pt II
 What We Really Need   Truly Grateful   This Christmas   This Christmas Pt ll  
 FBC Christmas Contata   This Christmas Pt lll   Christmas Eve 2016  
 Christmas Day 2016 

  2017 Videos   Clinic on the phrase to open video.
  Hope PT II  Jan-2017   Tests   The Big Picture   Messengers of Hope  
  Messengers of Hope, Pt ll   From No Hope to You're Crazy   Higher Reasons  
  Help   Faith is Spelled  R I S K    4 Marbles   Simple Faith   
  Break through's in the Struggle of Faith     Do I Trust 'em    
The Blood Donor   

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