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We Don’t Write the Script!

It’s always nice to write about a golf story in the dead of winter!  From the book, “Golf Nut’s Book of Amazing Feats and Records,” comes this fantastic “miracle” shot.  (I shared this last Sunday).

 Amateur Ted Barnhouse hit one of the wackiest aces in golf history.  It ricocheted off four objects before plopping into the cup.  It all happened on the par-3, 145 fourth hole at Mountain View Country Club in the little Oregon town of John Day where Barnhouse, a cattleman, played most of his golf.  His bizarre ace began with an awful looking tee shot—a shank that screamed to the right, sailed over a barbed wire fence, and headed into a herd of cows.  The ball smacked into the forehead of a startled bovine, then bounced back toward the course.  The shot next hit a sprinkler head, which redirected the ball over the green and into the third object on its zany journey—a parked lawn mower.  From there, the ball ricocheted back onto the green and rolled straight for the flagstick.  After banging into the pin—the fourth object—the ball dropped into the cup for a crazy hole in one!

Mr. Barnhouse never wrote that script as he woke up that morning, let alone as he approached the par 3 tee box!  It was a graced tee shot, wasn’t it?  I can’t say God directs golf shots, although I’m pretty sure He has “guided” some of my mine!  Sure would like to get a hole in one someday, Lord!  It doesn’t have to hit four objects……just a simple one will do!  Back to my point…. We write our scripts in our mind, our imagination, or dreaming. 

Scripts like: how we would like things to turn out, how we have prayed about it…. how we would have imagined it happening…scripts like: that will never work………scripts like:  they will never succeed…. or an equally bad one…I will never succeed.  Aren’t you glad God is the author and finisher of our scripts?  He makes things turn out—sometimes as wacky as a golf ball hitting four objects and then into the cup!

Isaiah 55: 9 reminds us: For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Perhaps as you receive this note, take five and quietly say to the Lord: “I turn my script over to You!  You write it the way, You want.  If it means in the process, I’m not as comfortable as I used to be, that’s okay……so long as I believe You’re in charge of every shot! You will always ensure my best!  I thank You that You have redeemed and will redeem my worst shots in life!

It’s Your course, Your shots are higher than my shots….and better!


Pastor Ross

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